Bloomberg, Baba Wawa Endorse Each Other Over Breakfast


Michael Bloomberg seemed to be pitching for the women’s vote at the New York Women’s Agenda‘s Star Breakfast in Midtown this morning.

“I was very impressed, as you should know, perfectly honestly, I feel right at home,” Bloomberg said about the crowd gathered in the Hilton ballroom. “After all, at City Hall, I don’t have to look far for a woman’s perspective.”

Bloomberg lauded the “spectacular job” being done by City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, and the three of his deputy mayors who are women, including his second-in-command, First Deputy Mayor Patti Harris. 
”I get the woman’s point of view all the time,” he said.

But he saved his most generous praise for his longtime friend, veteran broadcaster Barbara Walters.

The mayor and ABC correspondent Deborah Roberts were in attendance to present NYWA’s inaugural lifetime achievement award to Walters, whom Bloomberg called “a close friend” and “one of the great journalists of our times.”

As she accepted the award (named for Elinor Guggenheimer, NYWA founder and longtime women’s advocate, who passed away in September), Walters blew a little smoke back at Bloomberg.

“I am an enormous enthusiast of the mayor… I am delighted to know that he’s considering running for a third term,” she said to widespread applause.

Walters recounted the time the mayor appeared on ABC’s “The View,” after she and her co-hosts were asked to pick who they would marry if given their choice.

“I liked everything about him,” she said. “I mean, he was powerful, he was brilliant, he was rich. I thought, how could you do better?”

Bloomberg is slated to appear on “The View” again next Thursday, December 18, Walters said.