Incredibly Cheap Eats: Buon Pane Focaccia


Left: onion, artichoke, olive, Parmesan; Right: broccoli, mushroom, Gorgonzola, rosemary

The Union Square Greenmarket, while one of the best food landmarks in the city, is not often a place I think of for Incredibly Cheap Eats. Usually, I buy my brussels sprouts or radishes or tomatoes there because they’re better than their supermarket counterparts, not cheaper.

But Buon Pane Focaccia turns out to be a very good deal. You can get two for $7, or one from $2.50-$3.75, depending on the toppings. Each 6-inch, puffy round is slicked with quality olive oil and crowned with hearty stuff like broccoli-Gorgonzola-mushroom-rosemary, or artichoke-onion-olive-Parmesan. Stick them in a 350-degree oven briefly, and they’re a fragrant, warm meal. Each one could be a light dinner in themselves, or a more filling one with soup–making this a meal in the elusive under-$5 category.

The focaccia are baked by Barbara Olsen, at her Secaucus, NJ bakery, called Buon Pane and Focaccia. She sells the breads each Monday at the Union Square Greenmarket.

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