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Runnin’ Scared Approves Bill Murray’s Midnight Raids


Actor Bill Murray’s hit-and-run partygoing in New York — revealed in the Post‘s Page Six magazine, which had him drinking and dancing with local youths — has led to some snide “Sad Bill Murray” stories. Others have been more approving, and today Fucked in Park Slope cheerfully invites the Ghostbusters star out their way: “If you want to start exposing yourself to the real dark underbelly of the NYC party scene, you’ve gotta get your shit as far away from Williamsburg as possible.”

In October Murray admitted to feeling suicidal after his recent divorce, but said he’d overcome this and now “like a pinball, I want to bounce off bumpers that are positive.” It seems he has wisely chosen to affect his plan among people too young to share or even understand his melancholy. If you’re prone to depression, why spend your time with coevals whose banged-up souls will just remind you of your own, when you can party with the naturally heedless and forget about it a while? As for the youths, they get, as Shakespeare almost put it, a little touch of Murray in the night, on which reminiscence they may dine out when they’re old and bloated. It’s like Ikuru, except everyone has money and is in a good mood.

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