Singha’s Pizza Now Serving Frankies


An unorthodox frankie on a tortilla

Frankies are one of the many awesome street foods found in Mumbai, and there are a few places to get good ones in New York, including a fantastic chicken version at the Tabla street cart, which is only open in the summer. A frankie is an egg-washed flat bread (usually paratha, roti or chapati) wrapped around seasoned, grilled chicken, lamb, paneer or seasoned potatoes. Basically, it’s a Mumbai-style burrito, if that works for you.

So I was walking by the Singha’s Pizza in the East Village, when I noticed a little sign that said they’re now serving frankies. The filling options are egg ($3.50), potato ($4.50), paneer ($5.50), chicken ($5.50) or lamb ($6.50). Each frankie also features green chutney, red onion, lime juice and chaat masala (a sulfurous-pungent spice blend often sprinkled on snacks). You can add extra egg or chopped green chiles for 50 cents each. The guy behind the counter said that they had started making the frankies about three months ago.

I ordered the lamb frankie with chopped green chiles. About 10 minutes later, my diminutive frankie arrived. It was not wrapped in a roti, as advertised, but in a plain old flour tortilla. But actually, if you can get over the lack of proper flat bread, the tortilla starts to grow on you. It allows the marinated lamb and the coriander chutney to star, as everything squishes together under the unassuming tortilla.

Singha’s Pizza/Frankies
176 Second Avenue


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