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A John Lennon Memory


We are alerted to the latest Story of the Week at Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood: a reminiscence by Candy Shulman (essays in the Times, New York, Newsweek, etc) about the time in 1973 when she and a girlfriend met John Lennon and a friend in Washington Square Park and brought them up to Shulman’s apartment on Eighth Street. “We inched closer to them,” recounts Shulman, “as star-struck as those legendary teenage girls who screamed whenever they heard the Beatles sing. ‘Hullo,’ John said, and it would be the first and last word I would hear him utter.” Lennon, it turns out, was high as K2; as soon as they got upstairs, the friend started pawing Shulman’s girlfriend while Lennon nodded out. “He was devastated by his break-up with Yoko,” writes Shulman. “How did I know this? I just did. Poor lonely John.” The girlfriend finally throws them out, but not before Shulman puts John’s hat back on his head, “a black Beatles’ cap that had become their trademark” from which he would later switch to Kotex. “In the years that passed,” writes Shulman, “I enjoyed telling my John Lennon story repeatedly to friends and family.” No doubt they, like us, will always remember Lennon just this way.


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