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Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” will finally ring true when guests are invited to enter Reverend Debra Moonstone’s New Life Purification Chamber. This multimedia art installation piece won’t re-virginize you via hymenorrhaphy—a process in which the hymen is surgically reconstructed (like that would ever happen at Glasslands). No, Re-Virgin: First Time’s the Charm’s New Life Purification Chamber (about four feet high and said to be very comfy inside) is more of a spiritual cleansing process. Once inside, Moonstone guides virgin wannabes through a seven-minute video meditation to give you that chaste, Miley Cyrus–fresh feeling all over. Then, enjoy the rest of the party, with tunes by Smirk and No Regular Play, and, most importantly, free beer—which will have you feeling like your old slutty self in no time.

Sat., Dec. 20, 9 p.m., 2008

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