Delgo Makes Great Video Game Fodder


Ten years ago, the notion of a science-fantasy rendition of Romeo and Juliet starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Jennifer Love Hewitt might have seemed like a sure-fire moneymaker, and the level of CG animation in Delgo might also have looked state-of-the-art. Today, few are likely to pay much attention, despite a voice cast that also includes Malcolm McDowell, Michael Clarke Duncan, Val Kilmer, Anne Bancroft, Eric Idle, Burt Reynolds, Louis Gossett Jr. . . . oh, and Kelly Ripa and Chris Kattan, alas. Set in a land called Jhamora, Delgo tells the tale of two races hoping to live in peace, yet set on the brink of war. One is a race of reptile-people who can move stones with their minds; the other, winged sprites who ride dragons (which seems redundant). All appear to have exactly the same face: a leftover Gelfling mask from The Dark Crystal that simply gets re-colored ad infinitum. When fairy-like Princess Kyla (Hewitt) saves the life of saurian dork Delgo (Prinze), the two stumble onto a conspiracy by an exiled queen (Bancroft) and treacherous general (McDowell) to conquer both races. Will love save the day? You won’t care—more likely, you’ll just wonder why this isn’t a video game you can actually play.