Don Draper Drinks PBR, Owns an iPhone?


photo via Street Carnage

I would like to continue believing, for all eternity, that Don Draper rarely smiles, only orders Old Fashioneds, only consorts with comedians if he’s hoteling their wives, and has never thumbed an iPhone. And then Jon Hamm showed up to the Knitting Factory on Monday night for that NY Cares event with Fred Armisen, a PBR, and a 3G. One could argue that this is the best possible Mad Men post-season-2 development: 2008’s (or 1962’s) Clark Kent is, by all appearances, still not a total asshat–he pals around with Carrie Brownstein’s comedy bro, doesn’t contain himself to Michael’s when he’s in town, and isn’t above drinking your favorite two-buck toad swill. Sure, sure, but really, Don Draper would never do this.

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