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New Drug Said to Relieve the Pleasure of Drinking


Dr. Olivier Ameisen “used to consume large quantities of both gin and whiskey” but decided enough was enough and turned to drugs — specifically a muscle relaxant called baclofen, which is normally used on MS patients but has given some relief to cocaine addicts and which Dr. Ameisen says cured his alcoholism.

Ameisen contends he can now drink “socially” without reinvigorating his addiction. Experts dispute this, and also say off-label use of the muscle relaxer poses dangerous risks (especially, we should think, when it’s used freely by even social drinkers).

But if you don’t drink, where are you going to get your resveratrol — the heart-helping phytoalexin in red wine? You could take supplements peddled online, but that seems unnatural, and you have to deal with noisy websites. We give up. As Dorothy Parker almost wrote: “Baclofen’s risky/supplements stink/fish fuck in water/you might as well drink.”


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