For those of you who’ve never heard of Javier Cámara, he’s not unlike the Spanish equivalent of Philip Seymour Hoffman—one of those unforgettable character actors who’s risen to become an extraordinary leading man. (You may remember him from Pedro Almodóvar’s 2002 Talk to Her, in which he creeped out audiences as a nurse who falls in love with a girl in a coma.) The Film Society of Lincoln Center is honoring Cámara during the Spanish Cinema Now film series and highlighting some of his best work. On Dec. 18 at 4:15 p.m., catch Blind Sunflowers , in which he stars as a Republican schoolteacher who goes into hiding during Spain’s repressive Franco regime. Aside from showcasing his best roles, the series features the “Experimental Cinema in Spain” program, as well as myriad contemporary movies sure to make you book that trip to Barcelona—pronto.

Dec. 18-24, 2008

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