Fantasize about spinning dreidels and pumping fists in the same room? It’s all possible at the second annual Major League Dreidel Tournament. To get dreidel-ing recognized as the bona fide competitive sport it truly is, the tournament seeks out New York’s greatest dreidel spinners. Contestants are judged on their ability to control their dreidel’s spin (a great spin will go eight seconds or longer when it hits its peak speed or “orbit”). Anyone is free to sign up on the website (, but expect fierce competitors like Spin Ming Wang and Dr. Dreidel. Rockers Gods of Fire will play “metalized” Hanukkah songs, and proceeds will go to the Survivor Mitzvah Project to aid Jewish Holocaust survivors. Ultimately, Major League Dreidel demonstrates how cultural traditions survive by being reinvented each generation: “Finding relevance for the past is an important thing,” says Eric Pavony, MLD “Knishioner.” “This allows people to connect to the holidays in a modern way, on their level.” No gelt, no glory, of course—but no groans, either.

Sun., Dec. 21, 7 p.m., 2008