Writer’s Routines: Drinkers, Night Owls, Zadie Smith on Kafka


In the spirit of Zadie Smith obsession, here’s an excerpt of her on Kafka from the New York Review, courtesy of Daily Routines, a perfectly conceived blog that compiles various artistic routines and then slots them into categories such as “drinkers,” “drug users,” and “early risers.”

The truth was that he wasted time!

    • The writer’s equivalent of the dater’s revelation:

He’s just not that into you.

    “Having the Institute and the conditions at his parents’ apartment to blame for the long fallow periods when he couldn’t write gave Kafka cover: it enabled him to preserve some of his self-esteem.”

The Daily Routines category “Drug Users” has only one entry– Paul Erdös, the mathemetician. “Nap Takers” has three, including one entry for Vladamir Nabokov. [Via Book Bench]

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