Writer’s Routines: Drinkers, Night Owls, Zadie Smith on Kafka


In the spirit of Zadie Smith obsession, here’s an excerpt of her on Kafka from the New York Review, courtesy of Daily Routines, a perfectly conceived blog that compiles various artistic routines and then slots them into categories such as “drinkers,” “drug users,” and “early risers.”

    The truth was that he wasted time! The writer’s equivalent of the dater’s revelation: He’s just not that into you. “Having the Institute and the conditions at his parents’ apartment to blame for the long fallow periods when he couldn’t write gave Kafka cover: it enabled him to preserve some of his self-esteem.”

The Daily Routines category “Drug Users” has only one entry– Paul Erdös, the mathemetician. “Nap Takers” has three, including one entry for Vladamir Nabokov. [Via Book Bench]

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