F.I.T. “Coke Queens” Our New Media-Resistant Heroes


We are refreshed by the attitude of the young F.I.T. students, Mickenzie Dippenworth and Christine Scafa, who were arrested for selling coke last night (or, as the tediously judgmental New York Post put it, “running a coke ring“). They apparently have not learned the dissembler’s art of public contrition, and reacted to the presence of photographers by giggling and saying “Oh, my God, are you guys serious?” Also, they’re environmentally sound loca-dealers, caught selling to an undercover cop at the club Home on West 27th Street and using a supplier who lives in the nearby Chelsea-Elliot Houses (and who has also been arrested).

The girls, whom the Post called “coke queens,” resisted the local tabloids’ efforts to embarrass them. The News asked Scarfa during the pair’s cheerful perp walk “if she’d be going back to school,” to which she responded with “a wouldn’t-you-like-to-know smirk and mumbled something unintelligible.” As a daily and disgusted observer of the media game, which we now consider a greater public menace than drugs, we are charmed by anyone who so resolutely refuses to play it.

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