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Sign Guy Gets Job, But Not From Sign, Really


You may remember Joshua Persky, who got national coverage for walking around New York with an “MIT Graduate for Hire” sandwich sign because he’d despaired of getting a job by traditional means. He’d even sent his family to stay with relatives in Lincoln, Nebraska while he toughed it out in a sublet. He was described then as a “financial engineer,” though his LinkedIn profile lists his previous job as News & Highlight Editor at Fox Sports Radio in Los Angeles, where he obviously learned something about promotions.

Today the Staten Island Advance reports Persky has found a job with Weiser LLP. (Maybe if he’d tried spinning the sign he’d have gotten work sooner.) But despite the Advance‘s “Sign Pays Off” headline, Persky says he got the job mainly because of his website. His stunt did get him on Curtis Sliwa’s radio show, though, and you can’t put a price on an experience like that.

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