Times Pretends to Believe Blago is Trouble for Obama


Every once in a while the Times has to get in on the latest wingnut freakout to show it isn’t biased or something. Their current, feeble effort is “Illinois Scandal an Early Test for Obama Team.” While acknowledging that Obama’s team tried to “keep their distance from Mr. Blagojevich,” the article suggests that “Exactly what role he or his team played will be a focus of intense scrutiny in the weeks to come”; also, that “Republicans have raised questions.” They get the loathsome Clinton operative Lanny Davis to say that “This is a huge distraction at the worst possible moment” for Obama. They don’t mention that Blagojevich in prosecution documents denounced in obscene terms the unremunerative response he expected from Obama concerning the dispostion of his senate seat.

The Times‘ good sportsmanship will doubtless be accepted by its frenemies on the right with the sort of equanimity it usually proffers on such occasions.


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