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Bill Manville’s ‘Saloon Society’ — A Dissenting View


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June 29, 1961, Vol. VI, No. 36

Adolescent Conceit

Dear Sir:

Bill Manville’s harping about marriage and married people [in ‘Saloon Society’ columns] is laughable, an adolescent conceit. Married people are not much different from anybody else, in the sense they’re searching, too. And life’s a lot cozier when you’ve got the yang and yin all matching and simpatico. Poor Bill admits he’s been unlucky that way and, worst of all, he takes his ill-luck seriously.

Maybe Bill should get married again – and again – until he learns that marriage is not much different than singleness as a human institution, and that in the end we’re all left alone with ourselves, our own little wins and losses – and left alone with each other, for better or worse, till death us do part.

And Bill: don’t worry about D.H. Lawrence “lacking in excitement” and being “flat-sounding, thin, and emotionless.” There was a man and there was a writer. I hope you live so long to do as well. — Lew Arthur, New York

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