Clipse Respond To Unfeeling, Heartless Pitchfork Critic


Former Status Ain’t Hood blogger and all-around lovely individual Tom Breihan wrote a considered, basically warm-hearted but somewhat skeptical review of Clipse’s new mixtape, Road Till the Casket Drops. The Clipse, or someone taking dictation for the Clipse, today clap back.

The weird thing is I think the battle may in fact be a draw right now:

    Moreover, there’s a prevailing theory that targeting women as the main consumer/enjoyer of hiphop proved the genre’s biggest misstep. Once you start catering, when you worry more about how your product is received versus your own, organic creative process, you should simply drop the mic. Since when was making a successful club/girl record a measure of a rapper’s talent?

This quote, which I would not have guessed on a blind test, is actually *not* written by the rap critic in this exchange, but by the rappers being criticized. There’s something amazing about the image of Pusha and Mal sitting in the studio, bewildered, starting at the computer screen and asking: “girl songs?” Anyway, Tom responds, also agrees with the above, and then sets about defending himself: “I’m still gonna keep reviewing Clipse records, though, sorry.”

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