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Dana Kristal Speaks Up


Last week we talked about a Times story concerning Hilly Kristal, CBGB, and Hilly’s ex-wife Karen. Karen was alleged to have signed the CB’s business over to Hilly in 2005, but she disputes that. We reminded readers that the Voice itself had printed a story last year about the matter, and said that Hilly’s and Karen’s son Dana “told us then that his mother did sign the papers, but forgot due to illness.”

Dana called today to point out that we hadn’t got that quite right. It was not us he said this to, but his mom.

He’s right. In our story last year, our then-web writer Michael Clancy wrote what he had heard Dana say to his mother:

“You did sign it, Ma,” Dana tells her with exasperation. “Don’t you remember Lisa kept calling the house, leaving messages saying, ‘You gotta sign it, you gotta sign it’?”

We can see that there’s a difference, and Dana’s right to point to Clancy’s story as the more accurate version of what happened.

Today, Dana says he’s no longer convinced that his mother signed the document, and he says she maintains that she didn’t.


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