Neckface Has a Face?!? Snore.


Earlier in the week, Gawker, on the unforgiving success-is-measured-by-page-view grind, yanked an Art Basel photo from Blogue of a dude identified as monster-scribbler Neckface. Shortly after they possibly blew up Nasty’s spot, Blogue swapped out the original photo for one in which Mr. Neck’s face is obscured with the PhotoShop burn tool (see above). This, friendz, is the internet equivalent of being caught hovering over the toilet when the cops come to bust down the door on a drug raid. Not a good look.

But then yesterday, we got two more photos of Neckface, one longhair who looks like a Max Fish fly, the other of the Blogue dude eating corn and looking like “a cross between Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger.” We know, snore, we’re falling asleep rehashing this, but anyway, now you can all peep what Neckface “allegedly” looks like. As if you couldn’t all have gone to 205 20 months ago and seen what he looked like yourselves.

But back to our point. Holy Hell, Neck Face has a face! He also has a neck! Call the media blogs, people who write on walls also have hands, eyes, mouths, and toes!

WAIT WAIT, THIS JUST IN: Judith Supine uses the little boys’ room!