Obama’s truth-or-dare press conference on Blagojevich


But first, check out The Simpsons on Bruce Ratner and Atlantic Yards:

Good eye from NoLandGrab. And don’t tell me about Rupert Murdoch‘s being a censor; the Fox owner is too sly to mess with The Simpsons.

Barack Obama sure sounded as if he were telling the truth about the scandal surrounding Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.

Obama’s performance yesterday during a press conference that was supposed to be about health care but was really about Rocket Rod was presidential (video, transcript).

Maybe it’s just because Obama is such a contrast with what we’ve endured for the past eight years. As an off-the-cuff (or seemingly off-the-cuff) pol, he’s unmatched in recent memory — and my recent memory stretches back half a century.

Ronald Reagan was a smooth talker, but he always sounded like an actor playing the role of president. Obama? He really sounds like a president — or at least the way your civics class taught you how a president should sound.

Direct and candid, Obama answered questions about Blagojevich firmly and eloquently. My old Toastmasters club in Denver would have given him the Best Speaker award hands-down.

Christ, he could have described Blago as “meretricious” (from the Latin word for prostitute) and people would have been able to figure out what Obama meant because he would have clustered the right words around it. That’s how good a communicator Obama is.

The guy can motherfuckin’ talk — though that wasn’t what Blago meant when the soon-to-be-ex governor called Obama a motherfucker.

Obama vowed that his staff was not involved in the scandal — leaving himself the out by saying that he is “confident” that they weren’t involved.

If it turns out that he wasn’t being candid, he’ll be savaged by the press and public eventually (or sooner).

If he was telling the truth, his performance was breathtakingly presidential and human — more than any American can dream of from a leader during these increasingly tougher times.

Obama acts as if he — not handlers — handles things. If true, what a change that will be from George W. Bush‘s handlers’ regime.

If true. But we’ll know, because he put himself out there, speaking in no uncertain terms. If he’s really as presidential as he appeared to be yesterday, America lucked out. If he isn’t, reporters will discover it. Just as Gary Hart once dared reporters more than 20 years ago to prove that he was engaged in monkey business (they took the dare and proved it), Obama has in effect dared reporters to dig, dig, dig for scoops.

Waiting to see whether they turn up anything, …


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