On Hours and Hours of DJ Premier


It’s been a good 24 hours for rap nerds on the Internet. First came the link to a two hour Rosenberg late night HOT 97 DJ show made up entirely of DJ Premier production (“And to let you know-I did not get close to everything. This is just SOME of the best of Primo.”) This is, to put it plainly, what rap sounds like to someone born in the ’80s on the East Coast–the pure, undiluted essence of the thing. It is amazing how easy these 140 minutes are to listen to; it’s like breathing.

The show doubled as a teaser for a 92Y talk between Premier and Rosenberg that went down last night. The world being what it is, Nah Right has the video up already, and the trivia is absurd: the origin of the “Nas Is Like” sample, the revelation that Biggie never knew how to drive, the Lord Finesse record that never made Ready to Die, Premier on porn, and on and on. This is absolutely destroying my day.

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