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Online, Paterson Praises Kos Kids, Mets’ Pitching Deals


Governor Paterson is back on Daily Kos. Having learned from previous postings what gets the Kos Kids excited, he praises their input: “From OrangeClouds115’s point about the economics of food (point noted), to Bag OHammers’ willingness to sacrifice in tough times, to GoldnI’s observation that the virtual Town Hall on The Albany Project was done on a Mac; I am convinced this community has more on its mind than just elective politics.” He also tells PSUDevon, “Devon, the Mets were in need of some serious bullpen help and they seem to have gotten some.”

Paterson notes the progressive posters’ concern with his proposed education and health care budget cuts and promises not to go too far: “As as State Senator from Harlem, I know from experience the effect that cuts can have, which is why we need to cut smartly.”

He even steps briefly into comments (574 since yesterday!), saying of a Cardinals fan’s remembrance of Game 7 of the 2006 National League Championship Series, “I remember that moment as well. Probably not with the same fondness you did,” before someone in Albany tells him to get out of the basement and do some work.


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