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Queens Consoled: Annoying Kids Share Your Shitty Trains


A New York Observer article portrays concerns about the coming end of W train service in Queens as essentially the mewling of hipsters. “The nightlife of Astoria’s 20-somethings is at risk,” writes Leigh Kamping-Carder in “Dude, Where’s My W?” The author quotes writers, photographers and filmmakers who complain of limited access to Brooklyn (“it’s well-connected, it’s hip, it’s up-and-coming”) and say things like “Sometimes I feel like I might as well live in Rockaway!”

Curbed picks up the theme: “What’s a wanna’ be hipster living in Astoria to do (other than live in Williamsburg or Bushwick)?… We cry hard for you, young Astorians.”

The Angry New Yorker, as usual, cuts to the chase — “The N generally speaking SUCKS. The W sucks, but much less so… Taking away the W will fuck with all citizens of this area… So Fuck you MTA. Fuck you and your load of bullshit” — but also takes the time to swipe at “lame ass no good transplant” hipsters (“Go fuck yourselves all the way back to fucking Nebraska. You want to see your friends in Brooklyn, go move there if it’s so fucking great”).

As Angry and others point out, most outer borough train service is crap and getting worse. It is cold comfort that some of the people who suffer with us represent a stereotype we dislike. But cold comforts are about all we have left.



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