What I Want for Christmas: Brooklyn, Circa 2001


Sound of the City roots for the home team and so does Impose Magazine‘s Jeremy Krinsley.

Bye, Dirty on Purpose!



– The new Aesop Rock.

– Animal Collective’s advanced vinyl release, plus Web Sheriff response tracks, and their on-again-off-again leaks, an endless release cycle in which they record a new album before the previous has been doled out to an increasingly unreasonable and rabid public. (This next one, apparently, is visual.)

– The New York Post‘s taste in music. (Guns ‘n’ Roses and Wynton Marsalis.)

Youthful optimism

– Brooklyn to be 2001 again.

– The Beastie Boys to be snotty teenagers again instead of grey-haired dudes in the midst of goddamn altruistic midlife crises.

– Dirty on Purpose to know they’ll be missed. I’ve come across no major blog eulogies, which I guess is part of the reason they’re breaking up, but for what it’s worth: Back at SXSW 2004, I saw them for the first time in a sunny backyard BBQ, when they were only about two years old, and that chick from Au Revoir Simone was still shyly playing keyboards. Back then, when I could still be excited by basically anything that plugged in a guitar in public, I quickly put these guys on the top shelf of my running obsession with indie rock. I would blame my own (and, without question, many other people’s) waning interest in the genre on the economic-cultural tides that washed corporate endorsements far up on those shores and made, yes, the whole thing “less about the music,” but for that one afternoon, with the sun breaking through on a long winter and a new band vigorously launching into one of the many tasteful, ebullient anthems they spit out over the years, I was putty in their hands. They’ll play their last show this New Years at Mercury Lounge.

– The former Wu to issue joint-press statements. This is getting too complicated. With the release of Afro Samuari, The Resurrection, RZA will transcend the “soggy” form of music he claims hip hop has become sans-sampling. Ghostface, meanwhile, got remixed, played a show, leaked album art like it’s leaking the album, and jumped on the Christmas track bandwagon. A few stragglers, too: GZA is in Holland, Raekwon covers Michael Jackson.

– Someone other than Jim Jones to be “next?” Unless he keeps drinking soda pop and giving out laptops and making hilarious musicals. That’s adorable. (See above.) And on that note, is going “underground,” as Jones apparently does by performing with Kid Cudi, like going rogue? Is Dipset sending search parties?

Jim Jones on Jay-Z:

“He’s not that savvy, not that fly, I don’t think he’s that handsome. All he has is a gorgeous flow–my momma raised a gorgeous child.”

Like Mr. Jones, I’d also like Jay-Z’s golden flow. With it, Jay’s making Fela remixes, going open-source (is that like going underground?), and championing a classic lady for Notorious and… hanging with cheesy white dudes. Couldn’t he have liked Radiohead instead? Someone tell him about the Blur reunion.

– A Death Match between EPMD and Grandmaster Flash? (Maybe just some sort of battle.) Backstory: Those who should have the right to cash in on their hip-hop sweat are making a dash at it, with Flash vs EPMD in the ring this week. Flash has The Bridge: Concept Of A Culture, which must be exciting people if it’s inspiring tracklist posts, while EPMD continue to test your transfer rates with a new song leaked every few days, streaming video, and a broken bank. Not to be outdone, Flash’s leaking tracks… from 1979.


The Dirty Projectors homecoming last night. Novel (for me) to hear them in a respectable venue, with expensive sound. Sleek. Vampire Weekend homecoming, too. Remember when VW opened for DP on tour? Is it me or is that sort of gross?

Stereogum goes to bat for Crystal Stilts.

Ed Droste’s second favorite band of the year is his bandmate’s other band.

Dorks unite!

Yeasayer dude: not a fan of his old press photos.

(Not) speaking of New Years, I did a new roundup this week of New York New Year’s parties.

Buy tickets for David Byrne’s tour or listen to his cameo on a song about how you shouldn’t buy stuff.

New Jean Grae track.

Yak Ballz video. I will never, ever get over that name.

Ra Ra Riot sesh with My Old Kentucky Home.

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