What’s With Those Golden Globe Nominations?


As per usual, the Globes went for any movie personality who’s famous (Brangelina, Tom Cruise, etc.) and with only a few exceptions dissed actual actors who aren’t enormous stars. Uninvited from the buffet table were such underpublicized critical darlings as:

Richard Jenkins (The Visitor)

Melissa Leo (Frozen River)

Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire)

David Kross (The Reader)

Taraji P. Henson (Benjamin Button)

Vera Farmiga (Nothing But The Truth)

Michael Shannon (Revolutionary Road)

Jason Butler Harner (Changeling)

Denis O’Hare (Milk and Changeling)

and Jeffrey Wright (Cadillac Records)

But they also didn’t give acting nominations to biggies like Clint Eastwood and Josh Brolin, so who the fuck knows what they were thinking?

Meanwhile, their exclusion of Milk from Best Picture is topped in weirdness only by the Oscars’ announcement that gay slurrer Jerry Lewis will get a humanitarian award. Oy!

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