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Oops! Adolfo Carries On as Donovan is the Stud for HUD


Put a hold on that new stationery order! The post of Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the Obama administration is going to city Housing Preservation and Development chief Shaun Donovan — not Bronx Boro Prez Adolfo Carrion as was widely touted by Carrion himself.

Last week Carrion spoke to an audience at Yale University where he told the crowd “off the record” that he was taking congratulatory emails and calls concerning his pending appointment to a cabinet post with Obama, most likely Secretary of HUD.

Oops. Donovan’s selection was made official early this morning. Mayor Bloomberg welcomed it with an official press statement that can only be described as ecstatic for someone who is losing a top advisor. Here’s some of Bloomie’s release:
“Shaun’s approach is as practical as it is passionate-he
has moved our focus beyond the old public sector driven solutions by
giving the starring role to the private and non-profit sectors. He put
his considerable intellect to work in finding creative new ways to help
private and non-profit developers move further into the affordable
housing arena. Shaun turned upside down the usual excuses for failing
to help working families find affordable housing and he has shown that
we can do more with less-especially in these difficult times.  I,
personally, will miss him, but I look forward to building on our strong
partnership in his new role.”

Now compare those rapturous words with the mayor’s bare-bones 75-word statement put out yesterday at the resignation of another Bloomberg aide, outgoing Department for the Aging commissioner Edwin Méndez-Santiago:

“This afternoon I
accepted the resignation of Edwin M
éndez-Santiago, Commissioner of the
Department for the Aging, effective the end of this year. Over the past seven
years, Edwin has served our 1.3 million older New Yorkers well by improving New York City’s
senior services. His leadership has allowed seniors to more easily obtain rent
increase exemptions, employment and home care.”

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