Edible News Roundup



A bill that would require restaurants to list the daily specials’ prices on a menu insert or blackboard goes in front of the Suffolk county legislature today. Meanwhile, a politico in Nassau county says the Soffolk legislator who authored the bill stole his idea.  [Newsday]

A Chinese businessman has opened a World of Warcraft-themed restaurant. The decor is elaborate; no word on the menu. Maybe that’s for the best. [Wired]

El Coyote, a popular LA restaurant, has become the target of protests and a boycott because the owner, a Mormon, gave money to support Prop 8. Cry us a river. [LA Times]

Jamie Oliver will stop dropping the F-bomb on his show. [the Mirror]

Former Top Cheffer Sam Talbot has gotten hitched. (He also recently succeeded in getting a liquor license for his upcoming restaurant on Ninth Avenue.) Can we please stop talking about him now? [People]


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