Fun Drag Show, Folks!


One of the zaniest drag shows in town happens on the third Monday of every month at my home away from home, Pieces, over at 10-Christopher Street. It’s called “Too Ugly For TV” and it stars bejeweled Vodka Stinger and vampy, high-eyebrowed Tallulah DeBayous, serving you song, dance, fashion, and legal gaming. Exhibiting a kinship equal to that of the two sisters in White Christmas, the gals start by singing the title song, in which they gleefully announce that “like a midget retard amputee,” they’re too ugly for TV. (Except for Jerry Springer‘s show, I guess.) They move on to a View-like chat session about the day’s hot topics in a way that’s too HOT for TV, then segue into interactive cooking segments and competitions, climaxing with Tallulah shimmying to a tawdry Yma Sumac or Etta James number while working your heinie up close for tips.

My tip is that you should maybe check it out, chickens. It’s informal and it’s free and it’s your chance to stalk me in person.

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