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Jackie Mason on Bloomberg: “A Pig of the Lowest Kind”


And we thought we were rough on Bloomberg. Jackie Mason has released a video in which he assails the Mayor as a “corrupt fraud,” and that’s just the warm-up. He scores Bloomberg for being “too cheap” to reimburse the city for his car use, and is reduced to almost slobbering rage by Bloomberg’s breezy attitude toward the lack of air-conditioning in city schools. “What a filthy, disgusting, pathetically ugly thing to say,” says Mason. “Crude, selfish, sadistic… can you picture yourself saying that about children, that they should sweat like pigs?”

Also, the cops tell Mason the city’s alleged crime drop is “the biggest lie ever told… every figure you see about crime in New York is a fraud,” and the term limits overturn makes New York a “dictatorship for billionaires”; were it brought up before the UN, “there would be sanctions against them and they would be wiped out.” Mason closes by describing Bloomberg as “the lowest pig that ever lived… a pig of the lowest kind! I hope he passes away by Thursday!” Wow, wishing death on a public figure really makes for a wow finish; we’ll have to remember that.


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