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Loftstel Reaches Out to the Young and Broke


We didn’t know Loftstel was a thing until someone showed us a Craigslist ad, though we see Bed-Stuy Banana was on it months ago (“Your Dorm-Room Away From Home”). BSB is talking about the Greene Street location of the wifi-enabled group home (“$950 per month to share a room with drunk students!”), though they have units in Fort Greene and Williamsburg too. The reviews aren’t too encouraging (“Loftstel killed my cat,” “My friend that I was staying with saw bugs in his room, and let’s just say they weren’t butterflies”) but clearly they’re right in sync with the zeitgeist, with a Facebook page and YouTube videos that make Loftstel look a little like MTV’s “The Real World” on a cable-access budget. With housing so tight entry-levelers have to crowd up anyway, why live with your college friends when you can expand your social horizons? The woman in this video sounds positively invigorated by the prospect of her first crack cocaine experience.


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