New York

Cop Who Decked Cyclist is Indicted


Remember this? A cop decked a Critical Mass cyclist in Times Square this July, seemingly for nothing. Unfortunately for Officer Patrick Pogan, his decking of Christopher Long was videotaped. Now the slow-turning wheels of justice have returned a grand-jury indictment against Pogan. Charges are not yet know but will probably include issuing a false report: Pogan told authorities that Long rammed him with his bike and resisted arrest, which as you can see in the video either happened in another part of the space-time continuum or did not happen at all, though Pogan’s attorney insists that it did.

Meanwhile, as you might expect, the cops and cop fans at Thee Rant mostly side with Pogan (“The job dosen’t want you to do anything, so don’t. Walk around with your hands in your pockets”), except for those who say he was stupid to do it where people could see him.


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