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Punk Rock Angle to Pellicano Wiretap Story


Private eye to the stars Anthony Pellicano seemed above the law, cheerfully tapping the phones of even stars like Sylvester Stallone, Keith Carradine and Kevin Nealon to give his clients (mostly Hollywood players) an edge in their negotiations, which may be why he didn’t notice that he was being investigated until it was too late. Yesterday the PI was sentenced to 15 years for his illegal methods.

We would leave this L.A. mess alone if it weren’t for an interesting old-school punk rock sidelight on one of Pellicano’s co-conspirators.

Bob Pfeifer was one of several Pellicano clients who got busted early in the investigation and whose testimony helped bring him down. Pfeifer had been fired from his executive gig at video game house Z-Axis, and blamed his ex-girlfriend, whom he thought told his bosses about his methamphetamine use, and got Pellicano to bug her. Prior to Z-Axis Pfeifer had been president of Hollywood Records, an A&R man for Epic — and co-founder with Myra Marcarian of Cleveland punk rock pioneers Human Switchboard, a big favorite of former Voice critic Robert Christgau.



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