New York

Billyburg Bike Lane Removal Protest on Kent


Well, we just ran down to South Williamsburg to catch the Bike Clown Posse doing its ride along Kent to protest the proposed removal of the northbound bike lane, which is menaced by pressure from the local (mostly Hasidic) community. About a dozen participants clad in festive holiday gear and “Love Your Lane” vests went down from the Bridge and, when they encountered parked trucks blocking their path, did a symbolic slo-mo crash, and in at least one instance stuck police tape to the offending vehicle, then danced around to music blaring from a “Time’s Up” box attached to one rider’s bike before proceeding.

We took a few snaps, more of which you’ll see after the jump as soon as this stupid iPhone actually delivers them to our mailbox. More photos were taken by at least one Hasidic bystander and by Ben Muessig of the Brooklyn Paper, who will certainly have fuller (but not faster!) coverage later.

We didn’t stick around long, as we have wire service stories and press releases to bite, but as we were pedaling back to our news desk we did notice three Corrections paddy wagons, sirens wailing and lights flashing, headed down toward the scene of the mime, so if you have loved ones in the Posse you might consider scraping up some bail money.


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