Dying GM Drops Yankee Deal, Sticks with Mets


In response to its financial difficulties, General Motors is quietly divesting itself of some sponsorships, and one of these is its deal with the New York Yankees, which will go unrenewed at the end of a three-season contract. “We are looking at what we can do to save some costs,” GM spokesperson Andrea Canabal tells Bloomberg News. Non-bailout-seeking Audi and Toyota will fill the gap. But GM wants to keep up some presence in New York summer sports, so it is renegotiating its expired contract with the New York Mets. That’s great: a team playing in a park named for Citigroup will be sponsored by a dying car company. They should go all the way with this and get their uniforms from Linens ‘n Things and a new scoreboard from Circuit City, and rechristen themselves the New York Closeouts.



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