It’s Obama Time; Rightbloggers Outraged!


Predictably, Obama has been named Time‘s Person of the Year. Very predictably, rightbloggers are showing their usual graciousness about it.

Take this congratulatory telegram from American Power: “It’s bad enough the we now have an America where a millions of people look to our new president as a ‘Lightworker,’ but on top of that, Barack Obama appears to believe it of himself.” Next thing you know, he’s be asking people to call him “Mr. President.” What an egomaniac!

Rightpundits takes a historical perspective, reminding us that “Adolf Hitler also won the award a few times and so did Ayatollah Khomeini in 1980.” Say Anything is also reminded of Hitler. Putin, too, adds MacsMind. Big shoes to fill, Barack!

But while rhapsodizing Obama, they don’t forget his enablers in Big Media. “The MSM Echo Bubble made him the most important thing that happened this year through their insane obsession,” testifies Daily Pundit. “That’s TIME mag,” seconds Rathergate, “one of the outlets which helped to assure the public that Obama’s empty rhetoric was just what we needed.”

Snapped Shot is comforted: “It is comforting to know that TIME Magazine is perhaps one of the most irrelevant publications on the market, second only to News weak.”

News weak! Ha! See, the occasion has put them in a cheerful, Friars’ Club mode. Giddy as well is Ann Althouse. “They should have called the issue: Person of the Year Other Than Barack Obama,” she says. “That would have created some excitement. Could have got the Sarahphiles charged up. The Hillariacs. Might have hopped up the hopes of Huckanuts. Even Mittsmittens like me could have dreamed.” And let’s not forget the Giulianiacs, Thompsonthusiasts, Gilmorons, et alia. Time left money on the table! The web’s much better; none of this stupid, boring consensus.

Don’t blame us — we voted for Caroline Kennedy. Now no one can say she’s never competed for elective office.


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