More Artichokes Coming


The Artichoke Slice at Artichoke Basille’s Pizza & Brewery was recently featured in Time Out‘s “100 Best..things we ate and drank this year” and hailed as a “new classic.” We’d agree, it’s a tasty slice, as is their Sicilian and the Crab slice, though you will probably feel its gooey goodness the morning after.

But the Artichoke also be a hard slice to come by given the lines, the artistic license occasionally taken with the hours, and the fact that we might tipsily stumble upon a lesser but more conveniently located pizza joint en route. Good news. New Artichoke locations are in the works. Co-owner Sal Basille says they’ve been scouting locations for an additional five  Artichoke outposts throughout Manhattan. He tells Fork In the Road that they haven’t found anything yet, but once they do, a new location could open in as soon as a month’s time. Basille’s cousin and co-owner, Francis Garcia, says a new spot in the West or East Village is the first priority.


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