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More Dreadful Advertising for Aarhus, Denmark


Last week we showed you a promotional short for the city of Aarhus, Denmark based on “Sex and the City,” which invited unflattering comparisons, some of which we were sufficiently undignified to make. Nej, nej, said a commenter, there are other, superior “Dialog ’09” promos for the Jutlandic millimetropolis, and pointed us to the peculiar spot above, intended we guess to appeal to the sociopathic teenager in all of us. Turns out YouTube is home to several such Aarhus advertising curiosities, including this misadventure with sock puppets, who fail to stimulate our interest in the traffic, bleak skies and bars of Aarhus even by cursing; and this one, in which young students from a Theatre Games class caper on the set of Fahrenheit 451; and this — well, we don’t know what it is. They have worked in a way: Now we can’t stop thinking about Aarhus, specifically how people survive there without going mad. But then, how do we do it? Joe Harris was right!


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