Rudy to Replace O’Reilly on Radio?


Page Six tells us Rudolph Giuliani may take over a radio show from departing host Bill O’Reilly. Giuliani certainly honed his talk-radio chops yelling at callers on WABC when he was Mayor. But will Westwood One let Rudy be Rudy? Changes we anticipate:

  • Local station call letters changed from WOR-AM NY to AM 911.
  • All bumper music will be bagpipes.
  • An affiliated Rudy Store featuring “Never Forget” tote-bags and “IN CASE OF DANCING CALL 911″ t-shirts.
  • Sidekick Bernie Kerik takes uncooperative guests out back for “attitude adjustment,” signified by humorous sound effects.
  • Daily descriptions of the drag ensemble in which Rudy is broadcasting.
  • Nude lesbians on loan from Howard Stern.



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