What To Bring When You BYO…


With the economic apocalypse, we need good BYO restaurants now more than ever. The new drinking blog, Boozy NYC offers a handful of bring-your-own-booze options today: Motorino and Lucali’s for pizza, Persimmon for “neo Korean”; and Kuma Inn for asian small plates. All solid picks, but the question remains: just what should you bring? We asked one neighborhood wine shop what they’d recommend for a meal at each of these places.


Emilia Valencia, who along with her husband owns Thirst Wine Merchants, a Brooklyn wine shop specializing in wines that are made using traditional methods without chemicals on the vine or in the cellar, had the following recommendations, all under $20.

For pizza at Motorino or Lucali’s: Gulfi Nero d’Avola, 2007, $15. “It has a nice bright red fruit that goes well with pizza.”

For “neo Korean” at Persimmon, whose website says “BYOB is back”: Dupeuble Beaujolais Nouveau, $14. “It has enough acidity and enough fruit to stand up to spicy food.”

For Asian fusion tapas at Kuma Inn: Bourgueil Alouettes, Cabernet Franc, 2006. $15: “Again, with spicy food, you want something with a nice fruit.”

BYO while you still can.  Motorino is looking to get a liquor license soon. Annoyingly, according to Boozy NYC, Kuma Inn charges some small corkage fees for BYO, something they didn’t used to do. It’s one think to charge for corkage when you have your own booze to serve, but if you don’t serve alcohol, it just seems uncalled for.


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