Edible News Roundup


To stay competitive, pizza chains are offering digital ways to order
pies. You can order Domino’s over TiVo, Pizza Hut on Facebook, Papa
John’s via text message; and Uno’s online. You can also just pickup the
phone and/or get a better pizza elsewhere. [The Wall Street Journal]

G. Franco Romagnoli has passed away. With his cookbooks and 1970s PBS show, The Romagnolis’ Table, the Roman chef helped teach Americans that authentic Italian food wasn’t a jar of Ragu and some meatballs. He was 82. [The New York Times]

In Britain, there’s fear of a new wave of mad cow disease after a young man with a genetic profile distinct from previous patients was diagnosed as infected. [The Times of London]

In light of that news, Brits might best avoid eating beef and just spritz on some of Burger King’s new meat-scented cologne. Unfortunately, though, they’ll have to import it themselves. Flame body spray for men is only for sale in the U.S. [The Telegraph]

Two professors from Indiana University’s School of Medicine have set out to prove that many holiday health concerns are just myths. They found that gobbling tons of candy canes and other sugar doesn’t really make kids more hyper; Poinsettias aren’t all that poisonous; and eating before bed doesn’t cause more weight gain than eating at other times. [CNN]


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