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Everyone’s Just Jealous of Kevin Sheekey’s Big Score


There is much talk this morning of Kevin Sheekey, Mayor Bloomberg’s deputy mayor for presidential vice-presidential politics and his role in promoting Caroline Kennedy’s senatorial ambitions.

This is all nothing but jealousy. I have the proof and here it is, the most beautiful campaign finance statement in American history:

Payee/Recipient: KEVIN SHEEKEY
Amt: $400,000
Expense Code: Wages
Date: 06-Jan-06
Disburser: BLOOMBERG FOR MAYOR 2005 Inc.
Filing: 2006 Jan. Periodic
Sched: F
Office: Mayor
Dist: N/A
County: New York

This of course represented only the bonus. Sheekey earned $140,000 for his hard work during the campaign.

This great good fortune has every other campaign consultant in town spreading stories out of sheer envy. After all, if this is what a Bloomberg pays for work well done, how much is a Kennedy-Onassis senate campaign worth?

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