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SAG Nominees Include One Pleasant Surprise


Nominations have been announced for the Screen Actors Guild Awards, which from the look of its glammed-up website is looking to join the Oscars and the People’s Golden Global Choice Awards in the public’s affection. The nominees are mostly expected — Langella, Penn, Streep, Mickey Rourke, et alia; full list here — but we note with pleasure that Richard Jenkins is up for Best Actor for The Visitor. Most of Jenkins’ press lately has been of the “You see him all the time but you don’t know his name” variety (he’s best known as the dead patriarch who keeps reappearing in Six Feet Under). The Voice didn’t like The Visitor or Jenkins’ performance (“one of the most resourceful character actors out there, he’s been hemmed by [director Tom] McCarthy into a fussy, mannered performance in which everything is externalized”), but it’s nice to see him getting some movie-star attention.


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