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Shoe-Threat Guy Gets Sent Home From Work; “The Man” Suspected


Earlier we suggested that citizens riot to get their leaders’ attention, but upon consideration we have decided that we were being irresponsible. After all, what might The Man do to participants in such a protest, if he’s messing with people’s jobs for just speaking and gesturing angrily? Stephen Millies, the man who yelled at MTA boss Elliott Sander and made as if to remove his shoes (in emulation of the now famous Bush-shoe-thrower) at a hearing yesterday has been suspended from his Amtrak job in a Queens railyard, and implies that it was because of his outburst. Of course, a guy who makes a public gesture like that might have other reasons for being disciplined, but we’re going to go with the explanation that has the twin advantage of being simpler and more paranoid.


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