Top Chef Scallop-gate


More about last night’s lackluster Top Chef. Jamie was derided by the judges for her “slimy” scallop crudo for the main challenge, but some people actually liked that scallop. Top Chef blog “Amuse Biatch” catches Bravo in some controversial scallop editing.

On the show, party attendee and Xanadu wonder Cheyenne Jackson said of the scallop “I just tried the Seven Swans A-Swimming. A little too slimy,” but that was just some creative editing to have someone cute on the anti-scallop train. In bonus footage on the Bravo website, Jackson’s full quote reveals him to actually be a fan of Jaime’s scallop.

He says “I just tried the Seven Swans A-Swimming, um, and it was good, surprisingly. I’m not usually a scallops person. A little too slimy.” Oh Bravo, we feel so betrayed. This only confirms our suspicions that you were behind the open refrigerator door. Grub Street also points out that it’s odd that we never found out the refrigerator culprit, when Bravo would have had video of the incident.

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