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Why Hotties Aren’t Necessarily Good People


We have a very damaging cliche in this culture, which is that whenever someone is pretty to look at, we say they have the face of an angel. In other words, good looks equals glorious behavior. And nothing could be farther from the truth. Now, before all you anonymous hunks and babes start screaming that there are plenty of profoundly wonderful people who also happen to be easy on the eyes, let me pre-emptively respond that I know it does happen! And there are even cats who aren’t attitudey and priests who aren’t pedophiles!

But still, to get all mushy inside just because you see someone cute and therefore assume they’re innately decent is generally the height of insanity. Most hotties have been able to coast on their looks their whole lives, never having to develop much of a trade (or sometimes even a personality) because they can get by strictly on their features. That doesn’t automatically make them evil. But much more insidious than their lack of depth is the fact that gorgeous folk can get away with murder because everyone always forgives them any missteps. Attractive people hardly ever get punished–except maybe Ted Bundy–so they can usually float by and treat people like garbage, knowing they’ll keep coming back for more! It’s the trolls who’ve had to develop character and become extra courteous because they’ve always been desperate for any attention. The studs have always known they can be as bad as they want to be.

So next time you melt for an angel face…get a restraining order.

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