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With rising food prices, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization reports that the number of hungry people worldwide has risen to 963 million this year, up from 923 million last year.
[Economic Times]

China, once a nation of thin, impoverished commies, is facing a growing obesity problem in the wake of increasing prosperity and westernization. Approximately 30% of Chinese adults are now overweight or obese, and, some say, they country is on track to have the same sort of obesity epidemic as the U.S. within the next decade or two. [USA Today]

In Ireland, lab tests on cattle on four farms have found levels of cancer-causing dioxins hundreds of times higher than legal limits, far higher than anticipated. Still, officials say the problem is contained and poses no threat to public health. [CNN]

In England, one major bookseller says Naked Chef Jamie Oliver has taken the crown from Nigella Lawson for best-selling cookbook this Christmas. At Waterstone’s bookstores, Oliver’s Ministry of Food has outsold Lawson’s Nigella Christmas by 200,000 copies. [The Independent]

The safety procedures in the kitchen of a British pub have been criticized following a fatal accident where a young chef died after spilling boiling oil over himself while suffering an epileptic seizure. [BBC]


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