Great Job MGMT, Vampire Weekend, and TV on the Radio!


Sound of the City roots for the home team and so does Impose Magazine‘s Jeremy Krinsley.

New Amazing Baby video for “Head Dress.” I think these guys are facing the harshest and quickest blow-back of blog hate in the history of the medium. It’s not really their fault. This is mainly the blog-reading public angry at getting duped so many times. I’m sure the same person who wrote the comment below really liked Bloc Party until that got lame:

    “I saw these guys by mistake at mercury lounge a few weeks back, and I had never heard of them until then, so i was completely objective. their singer is really awful and portrays himself in a toolish fashion. they have nice amps and stuff, thanks mom and dad!”

Also, Amazing Baby cooks. And live in a Greenpoint crib.

While I remain baffled by the results, I am grateful for NME‘s “aggregated ‘super-list'” because it leaves me off the hook from trying to do something similar. Great job, MGMT, Vampire Weekend, and TV on the Radio. You do New York proud. And even better job NME, for apparently stealing or making up Pitchfork’s best of list. That takes style, and class.

Also requiring class: a track Andrew VanWyngarden made to end one he took called “Hazardous Earth: Stuff That Will Kill You.”

Yeah Yeah Yeahs got smooshy with a Christmas tune at their MySpace: “All I want for Christmas is to warm you up with kisses and cheer!”

Speaking of kisses, Asobi Seksu is covered in them.

Telepathe loves Lil’ Wayne.

Antony album art, tour dates.

Personal fave Social Registry has put out some year-end mix tapes.

Look out for Blank Dogs, friends. Perhaps you already were told that he was “secretive.” (He can be found at Academy Records.) I am told he “hates press,” so perhaps he will read this and hate some more. He is playing the No Fun Fest, with Sonic Youth. And Noveller and Axlotol. Look out for those three, too. And read more about the fest here– we talked to Carlos Giffoni this week.

Joell Ortiz is for the hipsters. Juelz Santana is for Ballz.

New Jersey counts as the deformed bastard limb of New York, right? Good. Titus Andronicus dude Patrick Stickles shave.

James Murphy, getting all up in yer panel.

Missy Elliot, with different freak-based song. [Updated]


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