Jeff Tweedy’s Son Has a Blog and Is Way Cooler Than You, Evidently


Rocking in the free world.

So at Tuesday night’s Neil Young blowout at Madison Square Garden, about which I will have more to say later, opener Wilco unveiled their newest member: Spencer Tweedy, Jeff’s precocious son, who was celebrating his 13th birthday. At his father’s request, we all sang “Happy Birthday” to Spencer, before he jumped on the drums and joined Wilco for a song. Yes, indeed.

This experience is documented on Spencer’s official blog, which is the latest thing to make me feel incredibly old, hot on the heels of the revelation that the blog nudecelebritydeathsuv is real. Let’s let the kid bask in the limelight for a second:

On my birthday, I was introduced and came on stage with Wilco, to open for Neil Young. The Garden was filled with 15,000 people, whom which sang “Happy Birthday” to me. As any kid in that situation would do, I blushed, but quickly recovered to play drums. I played one of my dad’s songs, The Late Greats. I had been carefully rehearsing it the past couple of days, though I had already known the beat since it was released. Before I went on stage, my mom was more nervous than I was. She was practically hyperventilating! The whole thing was captured on HD cameras and will be used in my upcoming Bar-Mitzvah video. What a great experience!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a social-security check to cash.

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