Keeping Cubicle Inhabitants From Getting Fat



It’s no google, where they recently had a cooking contest for employees judged by the likes of Marcus Samuelsson and Martha Stewart and have been know to bring in Ferran Adria for a chat, but it sounds nice too, if also a bit creepy and controlling. FreshDirect has launched a “Smart Eating at the Office” with internet company IAC. The program is designed to promote “healthy eating habits by providing comprehensive guidelines for making smarter choices in the workplace.” It will feature FreshVending machines with “chef-prepared meals” under 500 calories, nutritionist tips on the company’s intranet site, and on-site nutritional seminars. Hmmm…who are these chefs preparing these ready made wonder meals?

According to the press release, they are some of “Manhattan’s most renowned chefs” like “Tabla’s Floyd Cardoz and Terrance Brennan of Artisanal and Picholine,” who have been lending their name to FreshDirect pre-mades for awhile.

Two questions. Was this in anyway inspired by the season premiere of The Office? And, how much of a tax break does something like this get you from Daddy Bloomberg?


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