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Lynn Yaegar Laments Bare Bruni Bag Bust


Waaah! All I wanted for Christmas was a tote bag printed with a nude photo of the first lady of France, and now I’m not gonna get one!

It seems that the Pardon purse company was doing a fine business selling totes emblazoned with Carla Bruni Sarkozi’s splendid unclothed physique and a speech bubble that read: “My boyfriend should have bought me Pardon,” until Madame sued the handbag people for violating her “image ownership rights.”

Carla won, and the bag company now has to pay a 40,000 euro fine, which will reportedly be donated to charity.

But good news, Pardon is appealing! If they win, what’s next? Michelle in the altogether with a bubble reading, “My husband would never have anything to do with anyone, ever, ever buying a senate seat?”


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